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As a caring pet owner, you probably consider your pets as part of your family. This is why you would prefer leaving your pets with a sitter, in familiar surroundings, rather than sending them to a kennel while you are away. Knowing that your pet will adjust better to your absence and experience less anxiety and stress if they remain in their own home, you will be better able to relax; while you are away. Donelson Critter Sitters makes this possible with daily visits to your home. I will feed, exercise and administer (if necessary) medication to your pet. I also provide plenty of "playtime". Donelson Critter Sitters serves the Donelson area and can schedule one, two or three visits per day, according to your pet's needs. (see my Rates and Services page for more details)

** Now offering boarding up to 30 lbs. **


Advantages to Using Donelson Critter Sitters


Reduced Stress

Your pet stays in its own familiar secure environment where all the sights and sounds say "Home"


Diet and Exercise

Customary diet and exercise routines are followed, with no interruption to your pet.


No "Travel Trauma"

You won't be inconvenienced or upset your pet by transporting them to the kennel.


Health Concerns

With Donelson Critter Sitters, there is no exposure to illness of other animals.



Most importantly, your pet receives love and personal attention while you are away.


No Imposition

You don't have to impose on a friend, neighbor, or relative to care for your pet, instead rely on a pet sitter who will put your pet first.


Peace of Mind

While you're away, you can feel confident your pet is in capable, caring hands.


Special Services

Donelson Critter Sitters can provide additional home services while caring for your pets, such as watering indoor plants, bringing in the mail and making your home more secure by giving it a "lived in" look.

I'm there ... When you can't be!

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